Kick-off meeting 28 April 2015

On 28 April the kick-off took place of Ocean Energy. This platform will share TU Delft research and education about providing clean energy by oceans.

Oceans and seas have the potential to play a significant role in providing clean energy. Ocean energy will supply electricity, drinking water and other products at competitive prices, creating jobs and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. It will reduce the world energy sector’s carbon emissions, whilst minimizing impacts on marine environments. As the interest in ocean energy is continuously growing,  the Delft Energy Initiative (DEI) has organized an Ocean Energy kick-off meeting on the 28th of April with the aim to bring together TUD researchers to share their knowledge and learn from others working on this topic.  The various types of ocean energy technologies that could exploit the power contained in our seas, such as tidal energy, wave energy, ocean thermal energy conversion, aquatic biomass and salinity gradient energy were presented followed by an intense discussion between all participants who are working in this field or are intending to do so in the future. Following the enthusiastic and successful meeting, the steering board will get together in the coming weeks to discuss about the next steps to promote and converge the research activities among the TUD community.

For more information you can send an email to Delft Energy Initiative.

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