ETIP Ocean webinars in June and August

27 June 2017 | 11:30
location: Webinar
by Ocean Energy

On 27 June ocean energy experts will debate how control systems can improve devices’ performance.

On 29 August minimising the environmental impacts of projects will be discussed looking at real data and findings from deployments in France and Scotland.

ETIP Ocean upcoming webinars
27 June 11.30am CET (10.30am GMT): Control systems for improved yield, reliability and survivability

Control systems for wave and tidal energy converters act to optimise power production and reduce stress and fatigue on components by allowing devices to adapt to changing ocean conditions. 

This webinar will provide a brief introduction to the theory of control systems, including a look at their use in other sectors, before investigating how such systems can be applied to the ocean energy sector. Ross Henderson (Senior Consultant Engineer at Quoceant Ltd.) and Jochen Bard (Head of Marine Energy at Fraunhofer IWES) will each present their perspective on control systems in ocean energy before the floor is opened to all attendees for questions, comments and discussion.


  • Ross Henderson, Quoceant,
  • Jochen Bard, Fraunhofer IWES

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29 August 11.30am CET (10.30am GMT): Minimising negative environmental impacts
The environmental impact of deploying ocean energy devices has to be considered during all stages of a project’s development and operation – from the drawing board, to the site selection and to the active management of the devices’ performance.
With little real data collected so far, it is difficult to make plans, strategies and adjustments to minimise possible environmental impacts. This can also create problems at the consenting stage, with public authorities uncertain as to what Environmental Impact Assessments should include and what monitoring should be mandated.
Tidal turbine manufacturer, Sabella, and the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) have both recently conducted extended environmental monitoring around their deployed ocean energy devices. Representatives from both organisations will share their results and experience.
Participants in the webinar will have the chance to discuss the findings and bring forward their own expertise. The webinar should help understand what environmental impacts ocean energy devices are likely to have and what steps can be taken to avoid or minimise them.
Presenters :    

  • Diane Dhomé, Sabella
  • EMEC (Speaker to be confirmed)

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